About Us

BWD Solar in incorporation with Bilson Electrical is a wholly owned and operated Australian company based on Phillip Island specializing in energy efficient technology. We provide honest and reliable service whilst saving our clients’ money and paving the way to a carbon neutral future. We provide professional, economical and sustainable solutions of the highest quality with expertise in solar power, and all electrical services.

We believe that using a Local Company using Local tradesmen and the quality of the installation and materials will give you peace of mind, any issues, problems, or queries will be promptly addressed

Energy costs to Australian homes and industries seem to keep on escalating with no end to their growth in site so there’s never been a better time to install solar with Federal government rebates (STC’s), the Victorian government rebates and loan.

We estimate that by investing in solar, households and business can slash their energy cost with an average return on investment of 3 – 5 Years

BWD Solar is a Clean Energy Council Member and Accredited Retailer using accredited designers.